Just in! The WFL merges with The AFL. Read below for details of the merger.


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Alliance & World Football League Announce Merger

February 24, 2011

The Alliance Football League President Greg Campbell and the World Football League President James Ashford have agreed to terms and have officially Merged. The World Football League will become part of the Alliance Football League. Both parties have a vision for quality representation of our sport through business and community involvement. Terms of the agreement renew automatically and build for the future of the sport at our level as we prepare to “raise the bar” and unite teams and communities into professional relationships that support each other. It is an exciting time for the Alliance Football League and our sport as we work “with” organizations and teams to unite and progress in a positive and business direction.

Commissioner’s Corner

If you like football then you need to be a part of the World Football League (WFL) as a player or a fan. The WFL is the perfect league for the person who played in high school and wish to further develop their skills, but it is also for those players that have college or professional experience. It is a potential showcase to get players the visibility, at this skill level, to attract scouts from professional venues. These professional players are the basis for the WFL and for the teams that comprise the strongest minor league professional football program in the United States.

Right now is the time to address your organization and determine if you want to step up to the competition level that is brought by the WFL in every game played. Do you want the opportunity to put yourself in the national spotlight where the top national honors were cast to teams within the WFL? This is the time to make that decision and it is as simple as contacting the WFL Offices and see where you can make your organization profitable at the same time you are playing at the highest level in Minor League Football.

No, I didn’t forget about the fans. This is the reason that we play within the WFL, to bring quality football to all the fans that love this sport. You can be an active part by supporting the WFL Teams and supporting the league through suggestions of teams that you feel could meet the standards set by the WFL.

Have a great Fall and keep in touch as we grow towards the spring.

Sonny Ashford

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